An Expert’s Guide: How to Fit a Dining Table in a Small Living Room

How to Fit a Dining Table in a Small Living Room

In a big city, it becomes difficult to afford a big apartment that could fit all our needs. People usually end up owning a small apartment that doesn’t have a lot of space and refrains us in fitting a dining table.

The dining table is very important furniture for most of the families and in this article, we will speak on the steps to fit a dining table in a small living room.

We will break the myth that a dining table can’t be setup in a small living room.

  1. Use vinyl/paintings to carve out a space: If the living room is very small and the kitchen is also attached to it. Use some vinyl or paintings suiting the texture of the room and create a perfect ambiance.

All the small details will work together to give the feeling that it is a separate space and not connected to the living room. Then a dining table can be put in a living room.

  1. Be creative: Creativity is the solution to complex problems. The question ‘can you put a dining table in a living room?’ is always bothering people who live in small spaces.

Purchasing a foldable dining table is a great option to fit in compact spaces. When the dining table is not in use it could be folded and set aside. Again at the time of usage, it could be easily set up.

  1. Blend in with other furniture: It is a wise thing to arrange a dining table in a living room in such a way that it utilizes the sitting provisions given by the already existing furniture that cannot be moved.
  2. Blend in Visually: It is advised to buy chairs, dining tables that match the color of the wall or the floor. It makes the viewer feel that it is spacious and nothing much is happening in the room.
  3. Set the table right against a wall: This is another technique to fit a dining table in a small living room. It could be used in small families or when a small number of people eat together. 

In this kind of set up, one side of the dining table gets blocked with the wall on one side and accommodates a lesser number of people at a time.

  1. Usage of compact chairs: We can use compact and foldable chairs that are removed when not in use, it would provide more space in the living room and at the same time dining table could be used for multiple purposes.
  2. Simple design: Since the space for fitting the dining table is small, it is wiser to go for dining tables with simple designs that can easily serve the purpose of its purchase.

In a nutshell, it is not a daunting task to set up a dining table in a small space, we have to be little creative to fit and blend in a dining table.

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